CTC Singapore Corporate Travel Summit

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Singapore: CTC Singapore Corporate Travel Summit

CTC Singapore will introduce our “Corporate Branches” format, designed to ensure all aspects of the corporate travel ecosystem are explored and featured in our signature exhibition space.

CAPA Latin America Aviation & LCCs Summit

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31-Aug - 1-Sep

Querétaro: CAPA Latin America Aviation & LCCs Summit

The CAPA Latin America Summit is part of CAPA's regional summit series and is highly regarded as a benchmark event for the regional air travel industry.

CAPA TV was onsite in Istanbul for the IATA AGM where we caught up with Etihad CEO Antonoaldo Neves and many others.

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US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved (14-Jun-2023) the Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act (HR 3935), a bill to reauthorise the US FAA and aviation safety and infrastructure programmes through to Sep-2028. The bipartisan legislation was approved by a unanimous vote. Committee chairman Sam Graves stated the bill is "critical to America's global leadership in aviation, to our economy and millions of jobs, and to making the entire system safer and more efficient for all users and the travelling public". As previously reported by CAPA, the bill aims to improve FAA efficiency and operations by making organisational structure changes, grow the aviation workforce, uphold safety standards and invest in airport infrastructure. [more - original PR]

Air New Zealand and New Zealand's Government announced (16-Jun-2023) plans to invest over NZD2 million (USD1.2 million) in studies to consider the feasibility of producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Aotearoa. The commitment includes NZD1.5 million (USD935,175) from Air New Zealand and NZD765,000 (USD476,939) from the government. A working group is progressing proposals from LanzaJet and Fulcrum BioEnergy, with the next phase to evaluate the technical, economic, supply chain and environmental feasibility of establishing and operating a SAF production facility in New Zealand. Air New Zealand chief sustainability officer Kiri Hannifin said: "Globally, SAF is in very high demand but limited supply. Commercially producing SAF in New Zealand would not only help lower the country's emissions while creating jobs, regional economic development, and Māori and Iwi investment opportunities, but also provide energy security and energy independence which is something New Zealand doesn't have". New Zealand Tourism Minister Peeni Henare said: "Sustainable aviation fuel currently represents the most viable option for reducing carbon emissions from aviation... A domestic sustainable aviation fuel industry would build tourism and aviation sector resilience and also bring flow-on economic benefits like job creation". The second stage of the SAF feasibility work will continue to early 2024. [more - original PR - Air New Zealand] [more - original PR - New Zealand Government] [more - original PR - LanzaJet]

ICAO announced (14-Jun-2023) the certification of first nine batches of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). The batches account for 1542 tonnes of CO2 emission reductions, representing a reduction of 75% to 84% compared to conventional aviation fuels. The batches were certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials. The certification process is based on the application of the standards set forth in the convention on International Civil Aviation's Annex 16, Environmental Protection, Volume IV. The batches were produced by ECOCHEM in China, Neste in the Netherlands and World Energy in the US. [more - original PR]

United Airlines and Eve Air Mobility announced (14-Jun-2023) plans to launch commuter flights in San Francisco using Eve's electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, expected to enter service in 2026. The companies will work with local and state authorities as well as infrastructure, energy and technology providers to build San Francisco's advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystem. United and Eve will also collaborate to identify origin and destination areas for the future eVTOL route network. Eve Air Mobility co-CEO Andre Stein stated: "The Bay Area is perfect for eVTOL flights given its size, traffic, focus on sustainability, innovation and commitment to add other options for mobility". United previously announced a USD15 million investment in Eve and a conditional agreement for up to 400 eVTOL aircraft. [more - original PR]

Volaris announced (14-Jun-2023) a USD50 million investment agreement alongside Indigo Partners, GenZero, Cleanhill Partners, Frontier Airlines and Wizz Air to accelerate the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through the CleanJoule startup. CleanJoule will use the investment to develop its technology for producing SAF from agricultural waste and organic residues. As part of the consortium's investment, Volaris, Frontier Airlines and Wizz Air agreed to acquire 90 million gallons of SAF, with Volaris to receive 30 million gallons. Volaris president and CEO Enrique Beltranena said: "The development of sustainable fuel has made significant progress but still faces challenges, such as achieving competitive and cost-effective production volumes, especially for airlines operating under the low-cost model. That is why joining this investment is crucial to ensure the viability of our model and the sustainability of our business". [more - original PR]

Airbus reported (14-Jun-2023) the following highlights from its global market forecast for 2023 to 2042:

  • Passenger traffic demand is forecast grow at a 3.6% compound annual growth rate over the next 20 years;
  • Airbus forecast demand for 40,850 new passenger and freighter aircraft deliveries over the next 20 years, of which 32,630 will be narrowbody and 8220 widebody;
  • Freighter demand is expected to reach 2510 aircraft over the next 20 years, with around 920 being newly built. Express air cargo growth will outpace general air cargo. The world freighter fleet in service will reach 3230 aircraft by 2042;
  • Only 25% of the passenger in-service fleet are latest generation aircraft;
  • Forecast deliveries by region: 
    • North America: 6970, 17% widebody and 83% narrowbody;
    • Europe and CIS: 7970, 20% widebody and 80% narrowbody;
    • Latin America: 2390, 8% widebody and 92% narrowbody;
    • Africa: 1180, 25% widebody and 75% narrowbody;
    • Middle East: 3420, 47% widebody and 53% narrowbody;
    • China: 9440, 15% widebody and 85% narrowbody;
    • Asia Pacific (excluding China): 9480, 21% widebody and 79% narrowbody. 

Airbus forecast China and India will power growth, further shifting aviation's 'centre of gravity' toward Asia. Airbus expects the pace of fleet renewal towards the most fuel efficient aircraft will likely accelerate. Around 17,170 older, less fuel efficient aircraft will be replaced by newer fuel efficient aircraft. Airbus noted the demand to replace older aircraft is likely to increase to achieve the industry's sustainability ambitions and commitments. [more - original PR]

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